Better Financial Behaviours: A Toolkit


For the last year we’ve been working with the London Housing Financial Inclusion Group, which includes six of the major providers of social housing in London and the South East. We’re working with them to use our behavioural expertise to help residents manage their finances better and avoid getting into a debt crisis.

Tackling financial behaviour is hugely challenging, but through in depth research and the application of behavioural theory we have developed some new interventions. Along with insight from research, we’ve compiled these into a toolkit which has been shared with the sector so the ideas can be tested on a wide scale.

Read and download the toolkit

Eat Your Veg – encouraging kids to eat their greens


We’ve just launched Eat Your Veg – a new platform to help parents to get the kids to eat their greens. As part of our on going work to encourage families to eat more veg, funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, the project aims to tackle a worrying trend in the amount of veg that children are eating. Recent research found that more than half of children don’t eat a single portion of veg a day.

The project builds on the insight that all parents know the daily trials of getting the kids to eat their greens and they all have their own tricks and tactics to get them to do it. Eat Your Veg is opening up this conversation, offering real tips from parents to parents, and encouraging participation and sharing.

Visit the site:
Facebook page
Our 6 week programme to get the kids to eat veg


Who we work with

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About Behaviour Change

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About us

Behaviour Change is a not-for-profit social enterprise, founded in 2009.

We tackle major social and environmental challenges by developing ideas that help people do the right thing.

We combine deep insight into people’s everyday lives and a toolbox of behavioural theory to create and deploy interventions that make it easier for people to act.

What we do

Behaviour Change works with government, local authorities, businesses and charities to apply behavioural insight to their major challenges. We see ourselves as a 'think and do tank' and all our projects are driven by our mission to promote socially and environmentally responsible living to the public, with our ultimate aim being to deliver thinking that will really make a difference on the ground.

Our work divides into two main areas:

Campaigns driven by our mission
Developing and managing charitable initiatives that promote positive behaviour change. Each campaign aims to advance a specific sustainable behaviour, with our current areas of focus being food and energy.

Consultancy work for clients
Using our experience of behaviour change theory and practice to create insight-driven behaviour change programmes for organisations that share our goals, focusing particularly on challenging projects that require significant innovation.

Our process

We bring together insightful consumer research, the latest academic thinking on how to change behaviour, and extensive experience in delivering projects on the ground, through our three-stage approach:

- Innovative research methods
- Realism

- Behavioural theory as a toolbox

- Creativity
- Low cost / high impact
- Testing & evaluation

View more detailed information on our approach

David Hall – Executive Director

David Hall

During a thirteen-year career in advertising, David created a series of step-changing campaigns; his multi award-winning strategy for Skoda helped transform perceptions of a car that had long been the butt of jokes.

In 2006, David became International Campaign Director at The Climate Group, working with the likes of  M&S, O2 and Tesco to develop their consumer engagement strategies on sustainability. Since setting up Behaviour Change he has gained a reputation as a leading strategic thinker and researcher on tackling challenging behaviours.
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Rob Moore – Director

Rob Moore

Rob began his career in advertising, spending six years managing high profile campaigns for clients including Sainsbury’s, The Economist and DfT’s Road Safety. In 2006 he joined David at The Climate Group to launch and manage the ‘Together’ campaign and three years later co-founded Behaviour Change.

Rob looks after the project-management of all research, strategy and creative projects across our campaigns and consulting work, as well as overseeing operations and finance.

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Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board comprises a mix of senior professionals representing expertise from across the sectors we work in:

Andrew Benfield - Group Director of Transport, Energy Saving Trust

Ellie Robinson - Assistant Director External Affairs, National Trust

Giles Bristow - Director of Programmes, Forum for the Future

Jim Cockin - Head of Internal Communications, BSkyB

Rebekah Phillips - Sustainability policy expert and Green Alliance Associate

Mark Elwood - Founding Partner and Creative Director, 101


Sector expertise

Sectors we have worked in include:

- Charity
- Employee engagement
- Energy
- Environment
- Financial inclusion
- Food
- Health
- Natural childhood
- Recycling
- Road safety
- School food
- Transport


Highlights from across our work include:

Eat Seasonably - the UK's most trusted resource for information on seasonal eating with to date 1.7 million website visits and over 20,000 facebook fans

Dabble with your dinner - encouraging families to eat more veg, with materials used by 30 partners including in 500 Asda stores and 10,000 Compass sites

50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4 - we created the idea behind National Trust's most successful behaviour change campaign

Greener Journeys - unprecedented success in targeting car drivers and persuading them to try the bus; over 10,000 trial bus journeys taken in five cities

Green Deal Network - set up the industry network that was instrumental in persuading Govt. to take responsibility for generating demand for the Green Deal

Big Energy Vision - identified energy prices as the no.1 cost of living concern and galvanised leading consumer businesses and charities to come together behind a major initiative to change the conversation about energy


  • BE Secure
  • Coca-Cola
  • DECC
  • Eating Better
  • Greener Journeys
  • London Housing FI Group
  • National Trust
  • SAVE
  • School Food Plan
  • Target Neutral
  • WRAP

BE Secure

Following on from our work with the London Housing Financial Inclusion Group, we're working with a group of six housing associations to put learning from that project into practice. The BE Secure project is a two year trial to see if introducing innovative engagement tactics will make a difference in helping residents avoid a debt crisis.

Using insight gained from the research we conducted with the FI project, we have developed a variety of nudges which we're testing in a personalised process of one-to-one money advice. Over the course of the project, 300 residents will be helped with this new approach.


We’ve worked with Coca-Cola Great Britain on a number of projects with social and sustainable aims, including:

Collaborative approaches to recycling plastic at home

Research with drinkers and development of ways in which a drinks brand can positively influence behaviour

Diet Coke
Providing strategic input to the challenge of empowering women in Western Europe


Working with Aviva, Accenture, HSBC and Sainsbury's, Insulate Today made it easier, cheaper and more appealing for the employees of those businesses to insulate their homes through better-than-market deals and internal comms campaigns. We developed and launched the campaign in the spring of 2010 - over a period of four weeks it generated 700 installations and was in the top 10% of Energy Saving Trust advice centre campaigns. The campaign was funded by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and run in association with the EST.

Press coverage

Eating Better

Through our extensive work encouraging people to eat more vegetables, Behaviour Change is an active member of Eating Better: for a fair green healthy future. The new alliance is working together to help people move towards eating less meat. Many key NGOs are involved, including WWF, Soil Association, RSPB and Friends of the Earth.

We're helping Eating Better's core team with the consumer engagement workstream of the alliance, inputting into the consumer research process, and starting to look at how to reframe the 'eat less meat' message to make it compelling, inclusive and tailored to specific audiences.

Greener Journeys

Greener Journeys is the first national campaign to persuade people to get out of cars and on to buses; with the aim of getting 1bn journeys off the road by 2014. Backed by a coalition of the major bus companies in the UK, including Arriva, Go-Ahead, FirstGroup and Stagecoach, the campaign makes it easier and more attractive for people to get the bus.

We've been working with Greener Journeys since its launch in 2009, developing a series of consumer engagement initiatives including most recently the 'behaviour change lab'.

Visit the website
Read our report launching the 'lab'

The campaign launched in September 2010 with a million-ticket giveaway, national press advertising, a marketing campaign in 3 regions of the UK and media coverage including BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's Today programme.

In 2011 we conducted an ethnographic research programme giving insight into how transport choices are made in car-owning households and delving into people’s actual experiences on the bus. We also continued our work to raise the profile of the bus, and the resulting campaign received coverage on TV and in press, highlighting the health benefits of taking the bus.

2012 saw the launch of the Greener Journeys Behaviour Change Lab, testing innovative, practical, on the ground methods of getting people out of their cars and on to buses. The four projects we developed were designed to be complementary to existing work done by operators, moving away from conventional marketing approaches. They include targeting drivers at moments of driving ‘pain’ in Sheffield, and using local community groups as messengers in Manchester.

London Housing FI Group

The London Housing Financial Inclusion Group comprises members of the G15, the major providers of London’s social housing. We’re working with them to use our behavioural expertise to help residents avoid getting into a debt crisis. 

Tackling financial behaviour is hugely challenging, but through in depth research and the application of behavioural theory we have developed some new interventions. These have been compiled into a toolkit which has been shared with the sector so the ideas can be tested on a wide scale.

Read and download the toolkit

National Trust

We developed the strategy, campaign idea and communications materials for the major behaviour change initiative '50 things to do before you're 11 3/4'. The campaign is part of the Trust’s programme to promote 'the great outdoors' to children, who nowadays spend 60% less time outside than their parents did at the same age.

Launched in April 2012, the initiative encourages kids to try a diverse range of outdoor activities from climbing trees to abseiling. It is the Trust's most successful behaviour change campaign to date and has won a series of awards.

The idea
heavily in
the media
at launch,
in The Daily
Mail who
printed the
list of 50

Full article

In addition to the overall concept, we developed the following collateral for 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4:

·       Set of logos

·       Set of 50 icons

·       A scrapbook of the 50 things, given away with The Guardian and at properties

·       Posters, stickers, banners and other materials for properties

·       Executional, on the ground ideas for properties


Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency (SAVE) is a major Ofgem-funded Low Carbon Network Fund project that aims to trial the extent to which energy efficiency measures can be used as a tool for managing peak demand as an alternative to network reinforcement. The project will target domestic customers in the Solent region and the measures to be trialled include deploying new technology, offering a commercial incentive, and taking a behaviourally led approach to engagement.

Behaviour Change is playing a lead role, working with consultants DNV GL and project owners SSE Power Distribution. Following an initial review of consumer engagement methods we helped determine key elements of the project design. We're now leading strategic and creative development of the behaviour change trials set to take place over the next 3 years.

School Food Plan

The School Food Plan was written and launched in 2013 by Leon founders Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent. It aims to increase the quality of school food nationally and increase take up.

We've developed a new platform for them called what works well. It's designed to showcase great examples from schools who have raised standards, helping and inspiring others to do the same. what works well focuses around a new website launched in May with hundreds of tips, case studies and videos from schools (and supporting organisations like caterers). Schools are encouraged to share their own content.

Target Neutral

Target Neutral is BP’s not-for-profit scheme which helps motorists lower and offset the carbon footprint of their driving. We worked with the Target Neutral team to help shape their communications as the official carbon offset partner of the London 2012 Olympics.


Food plays a central role in our lives and our economy but we still throw away a staggering 4.2 million tonnes that could be avoided. Despite a 21% reduction achieved in the four years to 2012 there is clearly still a big job to do and it’s becoming harder to create the behaviour change necessary.

We’re working with WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste team as their behaviour change support partner, building behavioural insight into their efforts to hit some challenging targets. We’re developing new consumer-facing tools, as well as inputting into their PR and comms, and challenging their existing techniques, audiences and messaging.


  • The Big Energy Vision
  • Dabble with your dinner
  • Eat Your Veg
  • Eat Seasonably
  • Green Deal Network
  • Green saturation research

The Big Energy Vision

The Big Energy Vision, launched on 23rd October 2014, is a new approach to empower people to take control of their energy bills. It's a partnership between businesses and charities, working together to offer people a growing range of positive practical actions they can take. From smart meters and digital technology to installing insulation and buying efficient appliances, from washing at 30C to switching tariffs, the Big Energy Vision will present a coherent picture of the ways in which households can use less, waste less and pay less for energy. We are leading the initiative with Forum For The Future.

“Now is the time to take control of rising home energy costs. We need to move from a place where people are frustrated about their bills and feel there’s nothing they can do, to one where they feel that help is available to stop wasting energy and control their bills. We’re committing to make it easier for everyone to use less, waste less and pay less for their energy.” Sir Ian Cheshire, CEO of Kingfisher

Press release and launch pack

Dabble with your dinner

Dabble with your dinner helps mainstream British families eat more vegetables. Working with partners across the food industry, we focus on six of the most popular family meals, providing simple tweaks to add veg to the dishes people already cook.

Our research shows that 90% of families cook the same meals over and over again, and getting food on the table on weeknights is a routine task, all done from memory with few lists and no recipes. Funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Visit the partner website
Our online tool: Mum! What's for dinner

First Phase Highlights

An idea of instant appeal that has caught the attention of stakeholders in Govt. and the food industry and has already reached millions of consumers

7 large businesses and 8 civil society organisations actively involved, with many hundreds of small businesses/organisations engaged too

DWYD materials used across 500 Asda stores and 7,000 Compass catering sites

Asda store trial using point-of-sale tips and leaflets saw 82% of customers say they would be likely to try the tips at home

Increase in Facebook audience from 300 to 10,000 during the activity

New TV programme idea in development

Eat Your Veg

The second phase of our work to encourage families to eat more vegetables focuses on children. Our research told us that they’re at the centre of the issue: not only has there been a worrying decline in the amount of veg kids are eating, but that parents’ struggle to get them to eat it means the consumption of the whole family suffers.

Eat Your Veg is a growing catalogue of easy ways to get the kids to eat their greens. Real tips from parents to parents, encouraging participation and sharing.
Our 6 week Eat Your Veg programme

Eat Seasonably

Eat Seasonably encourages people to eat more British in season fruit and vegetables. As the UK's leading authority on seasonal eating, the award-winning campaign presents a clear and simple vision of what's in season when and the benefits of eating produce when it's at its best. This provides a compelling focus for practical action by partners and we now work with hundreds of partners from the major retailers and caterers, to charities and membership organisations, to a growing network of pubs, restaurants, cafes and greengrocers.


Eat Seasonably launched in 2009 with over 40 major businesses and charities and the support of Gregg Wallace and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The first year saw seasonal eating enter the mainstream as well as an unprecedented 'grow your own' movement. In 2010/11 we recruited the leading food services businesses and over 1,500 community partners, and worked with some of the major retailers on practical initiatives to help their customers eat seasonably.
The campaign's online presence continues to gain support, with a rapidly expanding Facebook following and over a million visits to the website.

The Eat Seasonably calendar is a unique guide to what’s in season when. Designed to celebrate fruit and vegetables at their seasonal best, it is based on three important criteria: environmental impact, value and taste. It allows partners to align their activities around monthly fruit and veg highlights.

Video News Release featuring the campaign’s celebrity supporters.

Green Thing created this film about Ninjin, The Vegetable Assassin.

Green Deal Network

The Green Deal Network is a cross-sector collaboration, which came together to positively influence the development of the government’s Green Deal policy. Comprising Asda, British Gas, Kingfisher, Lloyds, Birmingham City Council, National Housing Federation, National Insulation Association, National Trust, Carillion, Energy Saving Trust and WWF, the Network was formed in February 2011. Our main focus has been on mobilising consumer demand and our work has included consumer and stakeholder research, modelling and creative thinking.

Our findings have been presented to DECC Ministers and officials and shared widely within the industry. The Green Deal Network has played a decisive role in persuading DECC to take greater responsibility for driving Green Deal demand and our work has informed much of the thinking now being done about how to market the Green Deal.

Contact us if you would like a copy of our detailed findings.

Green Deal Network research

Green saturation research

This major survey looks at the current state of green consumer behaviour in the UK, covering 29 individual behaviours across home, food and drink and transport, and the barriers and motivations that lie behind them.

While certain behaviours are now mainstream, sustainable living as a whole remains a low priority. Widespread overclaim suggests that in many categories of behaviour people wrongly believe they are doing as much as they possibly can, leading to a sense of ‘saturation’.

Download a summary of the research here.


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